I-9 Compliance: Conducting Effective Internal Audits and Corrections



With insights from a former external auditor, this webinar provides essential guidance on conducting internal audits, correcting errors, and staying compliant. As ICE intensifies enforcement efforts, including targeted audits, employers must equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to navigate I-9 compliance effectively.(Recorded Date: 06th, June 2024)

Learn best practices for filling out, correcting, and auditing I-9 forms to protect your company from costly violations and penalties.

Areas Covered During the Session:

  •  Understanding the prevalence of errors in I-9 documents despite their apparent simplicity.
  •  Exploring the persistence of error rates post-changes to the I-9 Form and the anticipated impact of the E-Verify NextGen Program.
  •  Identifying common errors associated with the new I-9 changes and potential consequences.
  •  Recognizing the vulnerability of I-9 documents to DHS audits and the risks posed by disgruntled employees.
  •  Implementing proper procedures for correcting and storing I-9 documents to minimize risks.
  •  Assessing the feasibility and benefits of outsourcing internal I-9 audits to streamline processes and mitigate ICE audit risks.
  •  Establishing guidelines for the retention of active and terminated employee I-9 documents.
  •  Addressing recurring violations related to the request for documents section and ensuring compliance.
  •  Navigating I-9 requirements for remote employees using DHS's extended remote option.
  •  Preparing effectively for DHS audits through comprehensive guidelines and strategies.

Target Audience:

  •  All Employers
  •  Business Owners
  •  Company Leadership
  •  Professionals responsible for onboarding employees
  •  Compliance professionals
  •  HR Professionals
  •  Managers/Supervisors
  •  Employers in all industries

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