Employee Working from Anywhere…Compliance Issues That Must Be Resolved

05:30 AM - 5:30 AM GT
Before the pandemic we all normally worked together in the same office at the same time. Then, suddenly, Covid hit. And everything changed. Hundreds of thousands of employees scattered to the four winds. Some just went home from the office and stayed there. Others move their home, maybe to be closer to family for the duration. And we all thought that after Covid was over everything will return to as it was. But has it and will it? This webinar discusses the issues surrounding employees working anywhere outside the traditional office.The states are reacting to this new business model. No more free-pass on taxing employees working from home which happens to be across the state line. By 2022 all states will revert back to their withholding requirements for state income tax be honored as it would have been pre-Covid. So just what are those taxation requirements? What if the employee works as a hybrid, coming into the office a couple of days per week? What if they work from home and only come into the office once a month, a quarter or even once a year? Does that alter the requirements? And is state income tax the only compliance issue?Overtime rules, minimum wage rates, and permitted deductions from paychecks, even paystub requirements are governed by where the employee is physically performing the work. The same applies to garnishments for child support and creditors. Payroll must make determinations on all these compliance issues in the age where employees can work from literally anywhere.Course OutlineState income tax withholding requirements for employees working from anywhereLocal tax issuesWho gets the state unemployment insurance for hybrid workersWhich wage and hour laws apply when employees work from anywhereDo wage hour laws or tax laws change if the employee comes into the “office” once a week, month or quarterWhich sick pay laws apply for hybrid employeesWhat compliance issues arise concerning child support and creditor garnishmentsTravel pay issues for hybrid employees
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