2023 Toolkit for Conducting Retention Interviews - A How-to Guide for "Stay" Interviews



One study reported that 86% of employees plan to pursue new jobs and employee turnover is on the rise and is expected to continue to worsen over time. In addition, over 60% of companies report having difficulty recruiting key talent. Most companies see retention as a key strategic imperative but less than half have a specific retention plan. Unfortunately most retention efforts are overly general, are expensive, and have little positive impact on turnover. Stay/retention interviews offer a specific, targeted, and effective solution to the turnover problem. Rather than throwing money at the problem this tactic gets at the source of the retention issues by determining why each employee is likely to stay or leave and then develops an effective plan to retain valuable employees. (Recorded Date- Jun 23, 2023)

Course Outline:

   •  Creating a system for tracking retention in relation to risk of leaving and employee performance

   •  Understand the real cost of turnover & why employees stay and why they leave

   •  Detailed assessment of the cycle of a retention plan and the important metrics to measure 

   •  Comprehending the link between employee satisfaction, motivation, and engagement and 

       how it relates to stay interviews

   •  Why retention interviews are vastly superior to exit interviews

   •  How to hold managers accountable for retention

   •  5 essential communication steps in the interview process

   •  Understand the process of using the retention interview toolkit

   •  Learn how to set the stage for an effective interview and actually conduct the retention interview

   •  Learn the a specific process for conducting interviews

   •  Receive questions linked to the 10 essential retention factors

   •  Receive a toolkit for actually conducting stay interviews

Learning Objective:

This webinar provides specific and useable tools for conducting stay interviews in your company. The core of the toolkit is actual interview questions in ten key areas. This process leads to a plan of action that increases the probability of retaining valuable employees. The Retention Toolkit gets at the source of the problem and allows managers and employees to work collaboratively to create realistic plan of action. The pressing issue is that avoidable employee turnover costs companies billions and that retention interviews offer a viable solution for managing turnover risk.

Who Will Benefit:

HR Leadership, Staff, Managers, Supervisors, Directors, VPs, CEO/President, Board Members, Any leader wanting to improve performance and reduce "the wrong turnover."

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